GCD Reading Room

In 2019, GCDP had the honour to open the first ever Reading Room in Swat.

 A Reading Room is a place where people can come to chat and read a book in their own language.

The GCDP Reading Room has a large collection of books in Gawri. The collection, more than 1500 books, consists of biographies of famous Pakistanis or other interesting people, story books, health books, books with parables, agricultural books, religious books, books for children and books for adults. In short, something for everyone.

A lot of the Gawri books are translations of existing Urdu or English books, or books written by local authors.

In addition to the regular collection of Gawri books, there is a smaller collection of Urdu and English books

The Reading Room is open several times each week. There is a separate time slot in the week for ladies only.

Everyone is welcome

You can become a member of GCDP’s Reading Room for a small fee per year.

For more information contact the GCDP office through Email

or go directly to the Reading Room (Office GCDP, Old Bazar Kalam Swat )