Media and communication Workshop

The media and communication workshop was held at GCDP office. The workshop team arrived at office sharply on Tuesday August 2, 2022.

Aims of this workshop were;

  • To know basic aims of communication.
  • To learn techniques of effective communication.
  • To know about deferent communication channels.
  • To know about deferent barriers of communication.
  • To learn about audience gaining and trends on social media
  • To learn journalistic language, while filing a report to Media.

This workshop was specially arranged for GCDP staff, So that they learn the principles of communication and its importance in improving the performance of an organization.

Some general issues like, task missing, non-implementation of planning, miss-understandings among employs and managements mainly occurs in any organization are due to “Communication Barriers” and use of non-effective channels.

After learning about these technical faults and knowing the skills of “Effective Communication” GCDP staff will contribute more for the strengthening of organization and improve its social work for local community.

Some Suggestions from Participants:

The trainees suggested that such type of more training workshops should be arranged in the future so that we can improve our quality of communication. This type of advanced workshop should be arranged for GCDP employs. They suggest a workshop for the public to enhance the positive use of social media.