Flood Reconstruction

Flood Relief by GCDP



The swat scenic valley Kalam, which is known to be the one of the top tourism spots of Pakistan was badly affected by devastating flood of 2020 and almost 35 % of the community were homeless.

As GCDP is working for the language and culture as well as health, education, and relief activities to the local community. After the devastating flood, the local people were displaced. On 2 -2-2023 GCDP distributed food packages and warm clothes among flood effected families of Kalam Swat.

Total 80 food packages were distributed among most needy affected people in the villages of Bazar, kokonail, Bahan, Shahoo and kass Kalam.

Total 95 non-food items among flood affected children containing warm cloths, jacket, muffler, socks and in the same villages.

Immediately after the flood, the GCDP team started surveying the affected areas.

After completing the survey report, GCDP’s Director Zaman Sagar made a budget with the staff and sent the proposal to the donor. After receiving the fund from donor, list of the neediest people was created by filtering out the survey according to the budget. Then a plan was made to distribute the relief packages. All the food and non-food packagers were distributed among the affected people by collecting their total damages information and personal details.

These aid packages of GCDP provided relief to the flood affected, whose houses were washed away. These relief packages provided them warm clothes and food in severe cold weather.

As business here is dependent on tourism and tourism has been completely stopped due to floods. Distribution of food items and clothing among the affected families has reduced their financial difficulties.

Still many families in Kalam and surrounding villages are facing challenges because the rehabilitation work is not yet completed by govt organizations and the Tourism is not restored. GCDP is trying to find more fund to help these families by providing food, cloths, and shelter.

In this regard, GCDP is in touch with other organizations and trying to find funding. Apart from this, GCDP is providing all kinds of help through volunteer group who take part in Rehabilitation Work.



Some Photos from Packages Distribution

Floods in Kalam valley July, 2010 (part 2)