Covid Campaign

In 2020 the world was rocked by the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic.

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, is inciting panic for several reasons. It is a new virus, meaning no one has immunity yet, and there is no vaccine. Because of the novelty, scientists are not sure yet how it behaves.

Although the government of Pakistan provided information to its people, most information was in the Urdu or English languages.

GCDP decided to take responsibility and to inform their Gawri community about the coronavirus. They printed informative materials about the virus for them in their own language.

This endeavor enabled people to deal with the fear that had arisen due to the pandemic, by giving the community clear and useful information about the virus, how to protect yourself against the virus, and give instruction about what to do in case of contamination.

GCDP Staff pasting banners in Kumrat Valley

A Person is reading the Banner

Awareness Banner in Utror Valley

Awareness Banner in Matiltan Valley

Awareness Banner in Gabral Valley