Excursion Tour to Lahore Pakistan

One-week GCDP’s staff excursion and exposure tour to Lahore

One-week excursion and exposure tour to Lahore was approved and awarded by GCDP Executive Director Zaman Sagar and Mr. Joan Baart for Office staff.

Staffs were so excited and scheduled their program on 30th of October. All the staff prepared themselves, packed their luggage and stuff for the Departure from Kalam to Peshawar. Stayed for a night there in Peshawar City and visited Qila Bala Hisar, Rapid Bus Transit Project of Peshawar (BRT) and other famous places of Peshawar.

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In next Day booked the seats in Daewoo Service for Lahore and reached there at Evening.

Had great lunch in famous Anarkali Food Street and a relaxed sleep at Local Hotel of Anarkali. Next Day staff decided to visit Historical Palace of King Akbar (Shahi Qila), Data Darbar (Shrine), Minar e Pakistan and Badshahi Mosque of Lahore.

Went to the Shrine of (Datta) and experienced a lot about the followers of Saint Hazrat Datta Sahib and distribution of food of charity for the needy persons

After visiting Datta Darbar, we went to Minar e Pakistan (the sign of freedom a national monument located in Lahore, Pakistan. The tower was built between 1960 and 1968 on the site where the All-India Muslim League passed the Lahore Resolution on 23 March 1940 - the first official call for a separate and independent homeland for the Muslims of British India, as espoused by the two-nation theory. The resolution eventually helped lead to the emergence of an independent Pakistani state in 1947. After that, we went to visit Badshahi Mosque and then reached Shahi Qilla of Lahore, which was constructed by Akbar Bacha. After brief visit of Shahi Qilla we went back to our Hotel for Prayer and Lunch.

After having a respite in Hotel, we started a leisurely walk on the famous Food Street of Anarkali, having some refreshment and shopping we had a great lunch there.

Had a relaxed sleep in that hotel which we had accommodation. Staff member decided to stay all the night we had to spend in Lahore to visit deferent places, which were planned in our Schedule.

The room were comfortable, not too much expensive and have good services. It was a great experience of our Team Leader and Finance Officer to find the quality accommodation in suitable cost.

We hold a meeting in that hotel and planned our excursion to various sites of Lahore. The staff decided in the meeting to spend 4 more days to cover furthermore important and famous places in this excursion tour as below.


  • Lahore Zoo
  • Wahga Border
  • Mansoora
  • Shalimar Garden
  • Urdu Bazar
  • Lahore Metro traveling
  • Lahori Gate
  • Landa Bazar

Lahore Zoo

As we reached at the main gate, we met the consultants at reception and got the map of the route inside the zoo. Then we briefly visited the sites of various rare species and categories of animals in the zoo. The executive officers of the zoo briefed us. One of the officers briefed us about the zoo as below.

Lahore Zoo (Punjabi: لہور چڑیا گھر, Urdu: لاہور چڑیا گھر‎) in Lahore, established in 1872, one of the largest zoos in Pakistan. It is currently managed by the Forest, Wildlife and Fisheries department of the Government of Pakistan. Today the zoo houses a collection of about 1378 animals of 135 species. Lahore Zoo was the host of the fifth annual conference of SAZARC in 2004. The stated mission of the zoo is to carry out ex-situ conservation of species and to actively contribute to Pakistan's International commitment in terms of the Convention on Biological Diversity in addition to provide excellent educational and recreational facilities.

After completion of our visit to the zoo, as per decided program we moved toward the famous Landa Bazar of Lahore.

Landa Bazar

As we entered the bazar, we saw a huge crowed in the market. Crowed of people were rushing around the deferent stalls of Used and Second Hand dresses, suits, jackets, coats and shoes. The market has different specialist markets inside e.g. the shoe market, hand-made clothes etc. The Landa Bazaar was given this name because it had no roof above it, however later it was renovated and made more comfortable. All the shops are owned by Pathans, who have come from Peshawar or Quetta. The market, due to its historical background, is one of the most famous among markets of similar nature in various parts of the country. All major cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Hyderabad, Larkana, Sukkur, Multan, Lahore, Qasur, Khushab, Dera Ismail Khan, Rawalpindi and Peshawar etc have their own Landa Bazaar for their citizens. While talking to the deferent shopkeepers and stall owners some observations and experience we got as below

For the last five to eight years, heavy import duties and price inflation has affected the second-hand clothes’ market as well. The Landa Bazaar of Lahore has many different markets in it, all known for their specialties, like the most famous new market, the shoe market, ready-made clothes market and Babu Market

It was a great to explore the Landa Bazaar of Lahore, we learnt too much about the financial benefits of Hand-Mad Crafts from the Northern KPK, which has great value in the Markets of the big cities like Lahore.

After exploring that great place, we hired the Taxi and came back to our Hotel for Lunch and some rest. Then had a walk on the Mall Road of Lahore

Mall Road

There are so many buildings, mohallas, mosques, churches, tombs etc to explore on the Mall Road of Lahore. Lahore stays an explorer’s paradise, which keeps its historical magnificence with a glory that has slowly eroded due to its mistreatment. Whenever We walked the Mall Road, went into the streets of Old and New Anarkali or any other place in “Androon Lahore”, there is a rich cultural heritage you experience. After dinner at a hotel, we moved toward Lahori Gate by walking. Until late night, we made rounds in the area of Lahori Gate by foot.

Lahori Gate

The Delhi Gate after dividend of Indo-Pak “Lahori Gate” is one of nine gates leading in and out of the old, walled city of Lahore, and one of the few that have stood the test of times.

Walking through the enormous entrance, we felt overwhelmed with all the history and culture it seemed to radiate. Built by Emperor Akbar, the gate opens eastward in the direction of Delhi, hence the name.

If its bricked walls and archways could speak, they would tell you the tales of love and glory, of war and peace

After had a fascinating walk around the Lahori Gate, We Came back to Old Anarkali and some delicious Milk Tea. Then went to the Hotel and a relaxed sleep.

Mansoorah Lahore

In the Morning at Breakfast Table, we agreed to visit the famous society of Mansoorah of Lahore.

Mansoorah is a neighbourhood located within union council 117 (Hanjarwal) in Iqbal Tehsil of LahorePunjabPakistan. Mansoorah is the headquarters of the Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan a political party of Pakistan.

We met with one of Gawri peaking friend Mr. Enayaturrahman a Ph.D. Scholar from Matiltan Kalam based in Mansoorah Laore. He took us to hold sessions at deferent places inside the Mansoorah.

The detailed blog is published on a wide read Urdu Blogging Website Humsub.pk

Link to the Blog https://www.humsub.com.pk/287253/hm-kalami-20/


Urdu Bazar

Urdu Bazaar is famous for Urdu Literature Books, every kind of books by any of the Author can be easily found in this Bazaar.

If you are failed to find any of the Urdu Book even in the big Libraries throughout the country. You can easily find them by just saying the Title Name or Author Name to any of the bookseller.

This Bazar is the favourite place to visit for the Books Lovers.


Whaga Border (Stay Between India and Pakistan)

In the shiny and cool morning, we made Us Ready for a significant Site of Lahore, the Wahga Border. We Had to rent a special vehicle to visit the Border of Pak India, because local transport cannot be found due to huge number of tourists from the hook and nook of the country.

What We Realised after attending the ceremony of Gate Opening the two nations seemed like two lovers, sharing their strength and emotions in the air. I could feel my heart pumping fast and wild, getting emotional over the ceremony. While too many people, it only seemed like an entertainment offered by the two countries, to me, it was more than that.

It allowed us to revisit our stands regarding the attitudes both the countries had towards each other. I concluded that it was not about the discord that the colonialists caused, nor was it what ensued after the division. It was no longer a competition. The rallying cheers and powerful gestures reminded me of the solidarity and patriotism of both nations.


Shalimar Garden

After Walking on the Anarkali Bazaar, Mall Road and Other Places, We Went to Shalimar Garden, One of the Largest and Beautiful Garden of Lahore. There Were Many Tourists Taking Pictures with the Beautiful Flowers and greenery of the Garden.


Travelling on Lahore Metro Bus

Before Leaving the city of lively and cheerful people “Lahore” We enjoyed the Metro Bus Service of Lahore. Which is the most comfortable and fast Bus Service of Lahore? We start travelling from Kalma Chowk Station and dropped at Shahdara, the last station of Metro Bus.

It was very joyful for us to have a comfortable, cheaper and fast travelling, while we are suffering hardship due to travelling on afflicted roads of Swat Kohistan.

We had a great experience to know that how demolished roads are resisting for the School Children. If there is lock down in the city, Lahore Metro remains open to take the students and teachers to schools. While in our Villages, after light raining roads are closed due to sliding.