GCDP represented Gawri Language in ceremony held at Swat Press Club on the occasion of IMLD


On February 21, on World Mother Language Day, Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party organized a program at Swat Press Club, in which apart from Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party, Pakistan People’s Party, Jamiat Ulema Islam, Muslim League-N and ANP participated. Various literary figures and representatives of journalistic institutions also participated in the event.

Hayat Mohammad Kalami, the Media and Communication Officer of Gawri Community Development Programme (GCDP) was also invited to participate as representative of Gawri Language. Representatives of other political parties, literary figures and journalistic also addressed to the ceremony.

GCDP participant hodling Gawri Play Card during ceremony 

Play cards of Gawri Language was displayed in the ceremony. Political figures insured to support the organizations struggling for the preservation and promotion of Mother Languages of KPK. Gawri language deserves more attention and priority, as these are the languages of tourism spots of Kalam and Kumrat and influenced by other Languages.

Some political figure such as Ayub Khan Asharay from ANP and Dr Khalid Mehmood from Pukhunkhwa Milli Awami Party also appreciated the work of GCDP for the promotion of Gawri Language. They paid tribute to the GCDP Social Media team and said that they have promoted the Gawri Language on Digital and Social Media, which is the outmost need for every language.

At the end of ceremony Hayat Mohammad met the Journalists and the President of Swat Press Club Sherin Zada to cooperate in lobbying and advocacy. They insured to support GCDP at every forum.

Sherin Zada insured that all the members of Swat Press Club will participate and cover the events by GCDP.